Thursday, September 10, 2009

PINK... It's ma'new obsESSION::....

The title has NOTHIN-G to do with the post. But who cares anyways? We float towards our own paths of destruction.... a-morir by kerin.rose is becoming a destructive force for me....

I flipp'd the sh*t when I saw these babies a few month ago... and then Rihanna wore them (FaKKK! Can't say I blame her <stylist> though! You know an item is THAT good when you're about to order them AFTER Rihanna wears em'. $250 worth of goodness in mine eyezz..... will change my polarity immensely!

Kerin models the Love/Hate Convertable Chain sunglasses.

 Where the magic happens: A-Morir's work station.
(Photos by

(Photo by

Oh, Kerin Rose (muse in the making) is also responsible for these babies (you've seen them in the Run thIS towN video-----BARRACUDA sunglasses ch'yeah! 

"they're the ones from the video. they're not see through but you can see through them. they're completely covered in hand-painted and hand-distressed pyramid studs. they're the shit." (kerin rose)....

Item on top: LOVE/HATE convertible chain sunglasses---hand made bitcheZ!

a-morir by kerin.rose...

killin u now.

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