Saturday, September 12, 2009

I put the 'EVOLUTION' I.N R'evolution::...

There's something very edgy about a man with edge. lol (and sometimes I really just talk to talk... so lets stop talking and start buying. Lets spread the love and the mulla..)

chrishabana spikes necklace ($125)

ColoR me OUT::..

When I saw this spread I nearly passed out. I don't know what it is about these pictures... 'Utter Artistry' is what I'm calling it.

Nearly put up EVERY pic!

Oyster Magazine.

Magazine: Oyster Mag
Editorial: Nu Clear
Styling: Paul Bui
Photography: Milos Malli
Art Direction: Eliza Iredale
Hair/Make-up: Anastasia Pappas
Models: Kuei at Vivien's and Akeer at Priscillas

For the BeneFIT::..

Pictures from Jigga Man's 911 Benefit Concert....

I didn't really like what Rihanna was wearing (it wasn't flattering)...

But my girl, Beyonce, was on point...

kanye jay-z rihanna.jpg

beyonce diva 2.jpg
(Photos by

StUdd De-LiTE::...

Are you kidding?! 

These are CRAZY!! Candela Studded pirate over the knee boots! HERE.

Unfortunately, I would look MAD (literally, crazy) walking around in these in Naija (lol)... sooooo, i'm just going to admire them from far farrrrr away!

Candela Studded Pirate Over the Knee BootsCandela Studded Pirate Over the Knee Boots

Words of Wisdom::...

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."

-- Malcolm X

SpeaKin Of WhiCH::...

You know what, don't skin me... Love life 2 much to be skinned (poor snakes...)

Love mia Madre. she ALWAYS performs... especially when she breaks loose with one of her babies---by babies i mean <Mom has a 'thing' for Chanel> then again, whose mother doesn't? Haha. 

My Mom's on a different level though.

SKin me Senseless::...

I don't mean to be insensitive. I'm an animal lover.... BUT i'm also a bag lover (who happens to hate snakes).....

CHLOÉ python paraty bag. eat your heart out & skin me senseless.

Chloé Python Paraty bagChloé Python Paraty bag

Kate Bosworth (Photo by


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