Thursday, April 30, 2009

becausSe of because::..

Hot ouTfit.
The nautical look is always in.


Don't care what anyone says, the girl is adorable and she dresses well! :P

Vanessa Hudgens

Sending out an S.O.S::...

(Fashion) Inspiration can be derived from various sources. One of which is music....

Take for example the song, Take Your Time by S.O.S Band...

Were you checking out the silver and the sailor jackets???

Now that's inspiration... So BE INSPIRED...

POETRY in Motion::...

Magazine: Vogue Italia, April 2009
Editorial: In a poetic mood
Heidi Mount and Iris Strubegger
Paolo Roversi
Fashion Editor/Stylist:
Jacob K

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The ChiCKen or the EGG??::...

Which came first, the chicken or the egg??


But check this out:

Pair Vintage Geometric Shorts like these.... with a 'Modern' Print Blazer, like this...

+Photographic Floral Blazer

Et voila, this is what you produce (but BETTER!), kinda sorta....

House of Holland Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

House of Holland Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Since I was stressing the value of House of Holland (personal lover), thought I'd highlight some pieces from his Spring 2009 Ready to Wear collection.


These are just so sexy... 

Item: White Studded Canvas' by f-troupe
Buy them HERE! ($136)


This was a Beautiful 80s Navy Blue Abstract Striped Shirt Dress that is now going to be ABUSED by some other person!!!  D*&M'IT!!!!

A Moment of SilenCE:::...

I just lost THE MOST INCREDIBLE item to another Vintage Hunter---who was obviously more skilled than I. the Faux. arghhh!!

This is the only sound I hear... 
This is the only sound...
The Sound of Silence.....

AfroCenTrik FLAVoR::...

Item: Rain Drops Ankara Dress by Emua Fashions
Buy it HERE! ($90)

The CHAD::..

Magazine: SO CHiC, May 2009
Editorial: "Miami Vice"
Chad White
Sune Czajkowski

A.D.A.M knot evE::...

We need a MAN. a PLAN. & a TAN....

Who would also wear a Cardi-GAN & Pan.ts like this.....

(I tried, i tried, lol...)

Items: both Cardigan & Denim Trousers by Claude Grante

Buy the Indigo Denim Trousers HERE! ($274)
Buy the Grey Cardigan HERE!($548)

Vintage H.U.N.T.E.R::..

I've become a JUMPSUIT JUNKIE...

I currently have my eyes on this Black & White 80s Mesh Romper....

And I know it all stripes and no dots but just looks so much like a piece from House of Holland

StYLE UPdate::...

I'm sorry, people can't hate as much as they want, but as far as Fx.Foreigna is concerned, Cassie's hair is on point!

She's channelling what we call the 'A.D.D' = the 'Alice Dellal Do' and I think she looks absolutely 'Fetch' (Mean Girls).....

She has the face to pull it off... Don't even get me started on that outfit cus' its FIYA!

QuEEN. B.::..

What do you think about YSL's Cage Boot?? It's been featured everywhere lately. It's very edgy and I would say that only certain people can pull it off....

But NEVER EVER EVER let another person's words discourage YOU from wearing something you fancy! We all have the right to ROCK! Let no man be the judge of your character--let NO man or woman call you a plain Jane! If you want to rock neon pink tights with a large black v-neck tee-shirt, then DO IT and don't look back!

Cage Boot in Black Patent

Heed the movements of the lovely Beyonce...


Magazine: Acnes Paper Sweeden (Summer )
Editorial: "L'amant"
Sessilee Lopez
Daniel Jackson

Seen SCene::...

Okay, is it JUST ME? Or did the Stars REALLY REALLY put on their game faces to shine at Chloé's L.A. Opening Bash?? Yes! They all looked THAT good!

Chloë Sevigny & Kate Bosworth.
(I tell you, the maxi-skirt is coming back with a vengeance!)

Zoe Saldana

Bleiton Meester

Nicky Hilton

Emma Stone

Camilla Alvez

Molly Sims

Lake Bell

Amber Valletta & Camilla Belle

Rachel Zoe

Kate Bosworth, Ralph Toledano, Chloë Sevigny, and Hannah MacGibbon.


Who could forget when Maxwell blessed us with his talent by coming out with the song, This Woman's Work?


Well, he's back after SEVEN YEARS!!!

His new song, entitled Pretty Wings is just as beautiful! 

Thank you for the return, Maxwell!

Here's a snippet of his new song:

BoYS take Notes::...

Magazine: Hercules, May 2009
Garrett Neff
Paola Kudacki


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