Monday, April 13, 2009

JUSTICE! à la française

French high-end labels have been sue-crazy over the past few years--suing everyone from E-Bay to "fashion-fast" labels like Zara to even Britney Spears' record label over copyright infringement of their designs and trademarks. Ever wondered why music videos feature a lot of blurring in them these days? That's because labels don't want Louis Vuitton suing them for millions in French courts...Despite laxer rules in the U.S., this is not a uniquely French phenomenon.

Next month, Forever 21 and Trovata go head-to-head in a trial over the production of the shirts above. Know which ones are the original Trovata pieces? Neither did we! The F21 ones are in the top row. Forever 21 has previously managed to settle out of court with the number of designers that have sued it in the past (FIFTY CASES over three years!), so we'll see whether they can weasel their way out of it...

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