Wednesday, April 8, 2009

F.A.U.X. VinTAge

For those readers who also read Perez Hilton/the Fug Girls' blogs, you may have seen the links to
ModCloth a great site that combines Vintage pieces with new, vintage-inspired ones. For those who are a bit wary of Ebay and the craziness that comes with auctions, this is a great way to get really unique pieces from a small company. As great as Urban Outfitters is, its recent expansion has made its looks quasi-ubiquitous, and isn't the point of vintage fashion to be different???

I, personally, am a little bit AFRAID of EBay. It's all too intense for me--unlike my partner in crime and fashion--so this is a great way to get the look without the hassle. The sell pretty much any and everything, from apparel (including swimwear and lingerie) to accessories, and best of all, they keep ON TREND. So,they offer vintage-inspired interpretations of current trends for any fashion occasion...

I can say from personal experience, that their stuff is just as cute in reality, their customer service is really reliable, AND they send you a coupon with every order for your next one...In fact, it can be a little addictive! These are just some examples of the hot stuff on offer on the site. ENJOY! And remember to check out their ads on Perez/Fug Girls to get a discount code.

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