Sunday, April 12, 2009

ReaLL MagiC::...

The following pictures are actually Paintings by Daniel Jackson.

String Quartet, Oil on Linen on Panel
String Quartet

Kumquats, Oil on panel

Ants, Oil on Panel

Basil, Oil on Panel

Artist: Daniel Jackson

Significance: I just love it when an artist's work speaks for itself. His paintings are so detailed and so natural, that you really wouldn't be able to tell whether its a photograph or portrait--and that's true skill.

"Illusionism is a primary focus of my paintings. I believe it to be one of the most basic and satisfying reasons for my life-long love of art. The transformation of raw materials into a painting capable of fooling the senses, if only for a moment, thrilled me as a child, and still drives and informs my art to this day." ---Daniel Jackson

Visit his website HERE!!

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