Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Joyce Bryant (1950s) by Omega418.Joyce Bryant  by carbonated.
Singer Joyce Bryant - Negro Review, Nov 1953 by vieilles_annonces.
Joyce Bryant on Miami Beach - Jet Magazine, January 29, 1953 by vieilles_annonces.

Artist: Joyce Bryant

Significance: Known as the "Bronze Bombshell," Bryant started her career in a small Los Angeles Club in the 1940s. She catapulted into fame with her strong stage personality and majestic voice. Bryant was a tough-cookie, in an attempt to NOT be upstaged by the wonderful Josephine Baker, she doused her hair with silver radiator paint--probably inspiring the likes of those to come after her (such as Etta James! Yes, Bryant was a G.)

Her act was outrageously sexy; she wore provocative, tight, backless, cleavage-revealing mermaid dresses that left little to imagine and they were so tight, she had to be carried off-stage. Supposedly, Bryant twisted so much she lost four pounds a performance. (Source)

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