Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All HaIL, the quEEEEn of RunwAY makeUP...

Ok, so you know how you read magazines every month to figure out exactly what the "it" makeup is for each season? I, for one, have been a virtual slaaaaaaaave to the red lip trend for going on three years...I've always loved the look, but my love became reality when I saw the trend translated from the runway, to editorials, to beauty campaigns, and finally to my fave, SEPHORA.

Amongst the trends I love are the fire-engine red lip, sun-kissed bronzer, dramatic eyeliner, the rosy glow etc. etc. Chances are, whatever your fave, it is likely to have originated in the box and brushes of the fabulous
Pat McGrath. With zero formal training, this makeup wizard from Northampton has taken the runway beauty world by storm and was hailed the most influential makeup artist by the Bible--VOGUE in 2007! Not only does she count the most amazing labels as clients, but once designed Armani products and has been directing MaxFactor and CoverGirl since 2004...

According to McGrath's interview with BeautyMatch, Spring 2009 is all about:
  • Sculpted face with rosy glow
  • Metallic brown eye
  • Constructed black eye
  • Smoldering black eye

While red lips have been transplanted by nude, I for one am not abandoning my glosses/lipsticks/lipstains just because the tide has turned and eyes are now taking centre stage... My pout will remain on display. If you've got it, FLAUNT IT!

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