Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ChiDDY BanG baNG::..

...You know how it is when you buy yourself that lovely tub of chocolate ice cream, and then you take a few spoons, and walk away thinking, "It's sooo f*%king good! Models are such b&$ches for being so (not) naturally skinny!" ...But then you run back, saying "Just one more bite! Just one, I promise! Then no more!" ...And then you end up finishing the WHOLE thing?!

...Well, thats how I felt when I first heard "Kids (ft. MGMT)" (click 2 download) by the band, Chiddy Bang! (I know, has a nice ring to it). 

The four-man-band is quickly catching the attention of young people everywhere! And rightfully so! Hailing from Drexel University, Philadelphia, Chiddy Bang is a crossover hip-hop/rock group (made up of college Freshmen, I know! Maddd!), and their sound is reminiscent of the likes of Gym Class Heroes and Cool Kids, among others. Trust me, you won't get their tunes out of your head anytime soon. Lyrics are sick. Mixing is sick. Vocals are on point. Chiddy Bang is going places with or without you.

Get to know them. And check out their music, its FREE (Yes, they did you a BIG favor cus' their sound is HOT, and personally, I'd probably charge a whole lot!) But you see, they're also nice like that... (Fx/F loves em' already...)

"Currently attending their first year of college, they posses a musical maturity that is far superior to the teen-pop cliché. Chiddy Bang blends hard hitting lyricism from front man Chidera "Proto" Anamege, original electronica afro-beat and jazz influenced production from keyboardist Noah Beresin or "Xaphoon Jones," and drummer Zach Sewall. Additional production and vocals are from guitarist Pat Braz. Their major introduction to the public was to a crowd of over 2000, opening for Mike Jones and the Legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff" (Source)

Get to know Chiddy Bang...

They're playing in Philly April 16.

Buy your tickets HERE!

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