Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Artist: Felix Eboigbe

Significance: Few people realize the skill and technique that goes into wood sculptures. The reason I say this is because my Uncle is a wood sculptor--and his work fascinates me every time! 

Felix Eboigbe was born to a Benin tribal chief in Nigeria (West Africa), and into a family that expected him to either become a doctor or an engineer. Instead, Eboigbe followed his dream of creating "art with his own hands." Today, his sculpture is displayed in public and private collections throughout Europe, America, and Africa, in small towns, major universities and metropolitan museums.

Schubert Jones, art critic, says of Eboigbe's art, "... Some of the finest wood sculptures I have seen... all his work has a mystique that is purely a personal trademark. The command of his material is most impressive." 

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