Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You taste Just like KandY::..

Ok, so I kinda love Meghan Fabulous...

More like, I'm kinda obsessed. It's ridiK....

She just seems really cool and laid-back. She's like a modern-day Californian hippie who goes by the creed, "Peace, Love, and Fashion."

Preach it! 

Meghan Fabulous Graphic Print Tunic Dress

Meghan Fabulous Silk Habotai One Shoulder Strap Geo Print Dress
Meghan By Meghan Fabulous Silk Feather Print Embellished Blouse
Meghan Fabulous Silk Round Neck Lace Dress
Meghan Fabulous Silk V-Neck Kimono Sleeve Tunic

Go to her website HERE!

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