Friday, March 13, 2009



This spread is CRAZY! (Source)

Kettle Black Ankle Fringe Boot in Chestnut as seen on Lauren Conrad

Nikki Hiltons Goyard St. Louis GM


Pictures: HIllary Duff wears some long, high-waisted pants

Since 2007, the World has been going Goyard Crazy!
Everywhere I turn it's like Attack of the Goyard Clones!!(not that it's necessarily a bad thing...)
Though, every Tom, Dick, and Harietta is carrying Goyard! (Lol, as if it isn't enough that they've massacred the likes of LV, Burberry, and Chanel-nelle)

...Well, I'm actually glad Goyard is receiving the attention it deserves (Did you know that Goyard has been around since 1853? Oh, yes. Yup. It's BACK, AND HOT LIKE FIYA BABY!) 

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